Beauty Tips


Like skin, Hair just looks better when it glows.  Shiny hair indicates that hair is healthy.  Hair shines best when the tiny scales of cuticle lie flat, bouncing back light rays.  


  • Having regular hair cuts and treatments can add a lustre to locks of any texture.

  • Supplements can help with the health of your hair. Vitamin C keeps blood vessels in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and also helps absorb iron from plant proteins. Biotin (an essential B vitamin), strengthens weak hair and improves its texture. 


Heat makes dye process faster. Hence, the hotter the water is, the quicker the colour loss.


  • Stick to lukewarm or cooler water when washing your hair.

  • To prevent your vibrant colour from washing away;  wash your hair less frequently and use colour-protecting shampoo. 

  • This also helps retain the natural oils that condition your colour-treated hair.

  • Sulfates contain salt which can strip away moisture. Moisture loss is one of the main causes of colour fading. Use sulfate-free shampoo. 

  • Use colour-protecting conditioner in order to help your hair look shinier and more even. Make sure to condition the tips as well. 

  •  ​Apply a colour treatment to your hair regularly.



Hair thins as you age. To mask this appearance when styling;


  • try pumping up the volume with layers and movement around the face. Poker-straight styles are too harsh. Parting hair on the side is advisible. It will open up your entire face and give you a fresh look.

  • Consider your Hair type, texture, facial shape and facial features when deciding on a hairstyle.